Blanchard Creative Group
shapes brands
through digital + social, theatrical productions, and more.

Brand Creators and Amplifiers.


We combine our unique backgrounds in the arts, business, public relations, and technology to help you have the most unique, authentic, and memorable experience possible—no matter the project.

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We take a holistic approach to personal brand through mediums such as digital design, social media management, PR, graphic design, photography, and theatrical production.

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Our talented, innovative team wants to help you tell your story in the most authentic way possible – faithful to your vision and celebrating who you are.









Ways We Celebrate You
Our Services
We believe the best brands tell stories, which is why we work with our clients to create thoughtful work that not only represents their business, but also creates memorable experiences to connect with their audience. Through design, film, words, photography, and more, we bring brands to life.
• Logos
• Custom Web Design
• Printed Design
• Experiential Design
• Advertisements and Promos
People judge a business by its cover. If you look cheap, people will think your company is cheap. Your brand is the impression you leave when you're not there to promote yourself in person. Sit back, relax and let us do all the work for you:
• Web Design
• PR
• Logo Design, Stationary Suites, and Business Cards
• Social Media Management
• Advertising
• Media Kits
• Event Production, Coordination, and More.
At BCG, we help reimagine, reframe and refine your brand with great respect to what makes you most unique. It's from this "sweet spot" where branding meets strategy and execution that we help your business move forward and create tremendous growth opportunities.
• Naming
• Taglines
• Brand Messaging
• Brand Development
• Internal and External Audits
• Style Guides
• Brand Manuals and More.
No matter your story, communicating with confidence has a direct impact on getting heard. Refine your speech and stage presence with our team of Award-winning performers and coaches and amplify YOU to the next level.
• Speech Presentation Coaching
• Speech Writing
• Presentation Design
• Group Coachings
• One-on-One Coachings
• Skype Coachings and more.
Finding what makes us most unique makes us most marketable but sometimes we're just starting out and we're "young, scrappy, and hungry." That's why we've developed Your Best Brand is You. Learn the tools to take your company the next level. Courses include:
• brandYOU
• pitchYOU
• amplifyYOU
• startupYOU
• And more.
We bring together creative teams with extensive professional experience and true passion for live theater to produce world-class experiences for performers and audiences combined. We're proud to have collaborated as performers, choreographers, playwrights, directors, and producers on work appearing at places like:
• Broadway/Off-Broadway
• London's West End
• Trinity Repetory Company
• The Flea Theater
• Broadway Method Academy and more.


We believe that what makes you most unique makes you most marketable. By celebrating who you are and sharing it with the world, you’ll inspire customers to action, and change. Prospects will flow naturally into customers and you’ll leave a lasting authentic impression that yields lasting influence in your industry, trust, profits, and brand recognition.

We keep this guiding principles in mind when celebrating every single client:

  • What makes us most unique makes us most marketable.
  • Your authentic story wins over imitation every time.
  • Your story is the most compelling marketing tool you have.
  • Your story is one of a kind just by being yours.
  • Your story is a reflection of you and your company’s values.
  • Sharing your story is a group effort.


Blanchard Creative Group is one of the most sought-after creative groups. Just read our actual customer reviews to understand the reason.

We are very impressed with Jaselyn’s team at Blanchard Creative Group! The professionalism at all stages of our cooperative development in market branding, social media integration, interactive website customization, team training, and overall enhancement of our company image is amazing! Our new and current clients are so happy with our new, improved accessibility and efficiency that Blanchard Creative Group has custom developed for us! We completely trust everyone on the Blanchard Creative Group’s team now, and for our future!

BCG has been an essential partner for Sailthru. When Sailthru was scaling out, BCG’s services acted as a one-stop shop for all of our branding and marketing needs…. Their keen eye for brand really helped bring a deeply smart, creative and authentic voice to Sailthru and its culture.

Jaselyn  is one of those rare creatives who produces beautiful work while also being incredibly detailed and organized and easy to work with.

Blanchard Creative Group has definitely been there for me since Day 1. Everything from publicity to marketing. I could not have done this without you!!! I look forward to closely working with you allowing Makeup by Gabe to become a global success.

Proudly Celebrating
Just A Few of Our Recent Clients


  • Daruma Capital Management
  • Sailthru
  • Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp
  • Naked Angels
  • 5 Broads Off Broadway
  • Makeup By Gabe
  • My Best Friend Pet Service
  • Governors Island Art Fair
  • Alamo Dental Health
  • Barton Design Co
  • Justin Blanchard
  • Andrew Hertz Music
  • Rebecca Gibel
  • David Kaplan Consulting
  • Career Catalyx
  • Etracter
  • Brown/Trinity Rep
  • The Table
  • 4Heads
  • JeffHOPE Clinics
  • Susan Castor Collection
  • Bashara Schwartz
  • Collier Custom Homes
  • Houston Street Charities
  • Lagree Fitness
  • Las Casas
  • Pace Cars
  • San Antonio Cocktail Conference
  • Susan Biegler Art
  • Winton's Candy Store